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Keeping Agents Connected With the SmartAgent App.

Keeping Agents Connected With the SmartAgent App.

We know how important it is to make internal communication as simple as possible. With contact centres moving to the cloud and agents working remotely, a successful contact centre will ensure agents and supervisors stay connected. 

Our SmartAgent application can do just that. SmartAgent is kitted out with special features that make communication between users easier and makes your contact centre run more smoothly. 

Fast interactions with internal messaging. 

SmartAgent can be built to include our internal messaging feature. Appearing on all user desktops, it allows agents and supervisors to directly contact each other through instant messaging.  

With an intuitive design that is easy to pick up, the feature provides message lists with date ordering, new message notifications in the app and browsers and a search function and directory, fellow contact centre colleagues can be reached in a few simple clicks. This guarantees a comfortable user experience, leading to more confidence in agents and better performance in your contact centre. 

Along with the benefits of a single-pane desktop to work from, the ability to instantly reach colleagues gives agents another advantage in their roles. And without any need for third party messaging apps, requests and queries can be resolved in seconds. Enabling faster interactions between agents can make a difference to contact centres who want to provide a better customer experience, whilst making life easier for the agents handling customer contact. 

Engage larger groups with announcements. 

As well as direct messaging between users, SmartAgent also offers an announcement feature. Agents or supervisors can use this to broadcast messages to larger groups of colleagues. It offers the ability to filter recipients for certain attributes, whilst rich text compositions can be saved in draft mode, making announcements a powerful way to write and share information with fellow users.  

The announcement feature can be used for making staff updates, directing agent work focus or sharing issues more widely. This will help users get quick responses and engage colleagues, ultimately having a big impact on the way your contact centre teams communicate. 

Boosting AX and performance. 

Keeping contact centre agents connected through the SmartAgent app can bring huge benefits to our clients. Internal communication through messaging and broadcasting keeps agents and supervisors better informed, and more confident they can find quick and correct solutions. This leads to faster, more efficient contact handling, as well as greater agent satisfaction. 

It’s vital that contact centres today have an effective means of internal communication. Many are moving to the cloud and have agents working remotely. Internal messaging will support your contact centre as it makes changes to how it works. But it will also allow you to handle higher volumes of contact, giving your contact centre the best chance of performing effectively. 

With the SmartAgent app, you can make sure your contact centre stays more connected – and more successful – than ever. 

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