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Make The Most of Microsoft Teams with SmartAgent.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communications tools in the world. The advent of remote working has meant companies and organisations across every industry have adopted the platform, with video conferencing and chat functions keeping users connected to colleagues and customers from anywhere, at any time.

Many Mission Labs clients work with MS Teams. Thanks to a new feature in SmartAgent, they can easily integrate the agent desktop application with their MS Teams set up, allowing seamless communication across their contact centre.

Enhancing the agent experience.

Simplifying the work of agents is not just the key to boosting contact centre efficiency. It is at the heart of what we strive to achieve with SmartAgent and all its features.

Integrating MS Teams with SmartAgent means users don’t need to close and open the two separately to access information. SmartAgent users can see the Teams status, profile and other information about their colleagues, surfaced through a directory, all within the desktop app view.

Need to check the availability of a colleague? You can now check their Teams status immediately in SmartAgent before passing on questions or requests. Simplifying communication and tasks like this helps users to work faster across your contact centre, improving internal communication for agents who need access to Teams.

Handling contact.

MS Teams enables all sorts of communication, from video calls to messaging. SmartAgent users can now call, transfer, or conference call colleagues on MS Teams using SmartAgent controls. The already powerful desktop application can support contact handling from Teams - your agents will have everything they need to do their jobs well, brought together in a single desktop view.

Enabling more effective escalation and quicker resolutions is key to improving efficiency in any contact centre. For clients using MS Teams and SmartAgent, this feature means the two communication tools work even more effectively together. 

Maximising MS Teams through SmartAgent.

Our new MS Teams integration is the perfect solution for contact centres that want to make their agents lives easier whilst making use of their existing Teams set up. We work with our clients to provide the solution that works best for them and gets the most out of both SmartAgent and Teams.

Not only does the feature give SmartAgent users all the information they need from both softwares, whilst enabling better contact handling through the relation between the two, but it creates a more complete contact centre experience. Integrating Teams can connect your contact centre further, giving your SmartAgent users the tools to work faster and collaborate more effectively.

MS Teams remains the leader in business communications. And SmartAgent continues to transform our contact centre clients. We’re proud to have brought them together into a feature sure to improve your contact centre's performance.

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