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Brew Monday at Mission Labs - a Year of Wellbeing Initiatives Gets Lift Off!

Keeping the January Blues away with a Brew.

January is a challenging month at the best of times; January in a lockdown is an even tougher prospect.

Though it marked the start of an exciting year for Mission Labs, January still has the potential to test the positivity of even the strongest teams. The 18th of the month - otherwise known as Blue Monday - is said to be one of the most dreary days in the calendar.

To counter this, Mission Labs organised a wellbeing awareness event for our virtual office - #BrewMonday. Inspired by the campaign from Samaritans, we organised a 30 minute session where everyone was invited to talk about their recent struggles and share tips as to how they’ve tried to overcome them.

Brew Monday Mission Labs Blog Image

Wellbeing at Mission Labs.

Creating and sustaining awareness around workplace wellbeing is a priority for Mission Labs. Now that our fast growing teams are working from home, it is important that we promote both a healthy work-life balance and a supportive work culture.

The session was a huge success, with our teams invited to share experiences and opinions related to working from home, stress management and coping with lockdown. They were also invited to share their “mugshots” of their accompanying brew.

Catherine Rispin Brew Monday Mug Shot

The mid-January respite that #BrewMonday offered our team was not just well-received, but sets a precedent for more activities empowering our staff to talk about workplace wellbeing.

Mission Labs have planned a number of initiatives for 2021 that will follow up the focus on wellbeing set by our first #BrewMonday. We will also continue #BrewMonday, giving our team a chance to catch up fortnightly over a hot drink and battle the frustrations of working from home in a lockdown.

"It's important that we give people a platoform to share their experiences and normalise the fact that we all face struggles in our day to day lives. It was amazing to see so many people come together and find the time to chat over a brew, especially when we can't be together."

Josh Healey - Head of Brand & Communications.

When It's Back to The Office.

It’s no surprise that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has made many businesses consider (or re-consider) their approach to workplace wellbeing. These initiatives certainly help us during these difficult times but we believe that they should remain long after they pass. That’s why our 2021 wellbeing roadmap will thoughtfully consider how to translate events like Brew Monday into different environments, meaning staff can access the support and help they need all year round.

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