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Contact Centre Email Management in SmartAgent.

Contact Centre Email Management in SmartAgent.

Email in Contact Centres - a modern day problem.

In the customer experience world channels like social media, direct messaging and chatbots get a lot of attention. But your email address is one of the first things customers look for when they need assistance.

Email is still essential for customer support, but it is also one of the least efficient customer experience channels, and therefore a major headache for contact centre operators. As a synchronous “moment in time” channel email interaction threads are sporadic, unpredictable and time consuming to manage. And very few contact centre solutions can offer a genuine, omnichannel solution that includes an optimised way to handle email contact.

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Our solution - SmartAgent email.

SmartAgent - our unified agent desktop application - has long supported voice, webchat and social contact channels for our users, helping to drive CX efficiencies and improved CSAT with a single pane of glass approach to modern day contact management. Powered by Amazon Connect, SmartAgent delivers a customisable agent experience like no other, with multiple value-add features and functionality that help agents do the best job they can, with every contact.

We’re now pleased to announce that native email management is available in SmartAgent.

Our Contact Centre email solution enables dynamic queuing and simple email conversation management from SmartAgent’s streamlined desktop interface. SmartAgent’s extensive contact management and administration feature set now allows contact centre operators to replicate their voice and chat efficiencies in the email channel.

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The benefits.

There are a host of benefit that SmartAgent email management provides:

  • Able to accept email from your existing SMTP service - reducing set up and migration effort.
  • Works with Amazon Connect Contact Flows to define the customer journeys and routing logic.
  • Respects your existing Amazon Connect routing & skill profiles - routes email to agents with the right expertise.
  • Intuitive email editor with configurable canned responses - saves time and improves conversation quality.
  • Manage all of your voice and text-based contact from a single application, with standardised processes and reporting.
  • Works with AI automation - identify the topic or the sentiment and route the email accordingly.
  • Channel shift - educate and steer customers to the best channel to deal with their enquiry.
  • Improves utilisation - balance agent workloads to make best use of their time.
  • Provides consolidated analytics - get all of your customer experience MI and insights from a single source of truth.
  • Integrates with back office systems - provide improved context, answers, content and knowledge for your email handling agents.
  • A nicer experience for your agents - happy agents = better service delivery and lower churn rates.

Want to find out more about SmartAgent? Drop us a line.

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