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Improving Identity and Verification for CX.

Improving Identity and Verification for CX.

Dramatic changes to how customers interact with businesses over the past year has meant ID&V, or identity and verification, has become an even bigger part of many customer contact journeys. This has made it even more essential to get right.

Implemented effectively, an intelligent ID&V solution can provide huge benefits to your business CX.

Mission Labs has provided numerous clients with automated ID&V solutions that enable faster, simpler and safer CX protocols. We’ve learnt a thing or two about how to make ID&V work for contact centre operators and improve CX.

Meaningfully Automating ID&V.

Automating ID&V is not only easy to implement, but can make a meaningful difference to your contact centre’s CX - something very important to Mission Labs.

Contact automation allows businesses to free up agent workloads by giving high volume tasks like ID&V to machines. ID&V is an essential part of the customer journey, but for agents it is often time consuming. When it can be simply automated, it makes sense for businesses to pass ID&V responsibility to robotics.

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Unburdening your agents with this technology can have dramatic results. Our work with Hackney Council demonstrated the potential success that transforming ID&V can have. Handling over 1.6 million calls each year, Hackney Council wanted a way to optimise call handling so their citizens could benefit from an improved service.

One area we identified as potentially needing a change was their ID&V setup. As part of the solution we provided, high volume and high importance ID&V processes became automated so callers could be verified before reaching agents, allowing them to discuss the customer's needs sooner and more directly.

The solution was carefully designed so vulnerable customers who were likely to be using these services would find it accessible. If for any reason the caller could not verify themselves using the automated ID&V process, they would be connected immediately with an agent. After one week of our solution being implemented, ID&V rates with call automation were 47%. Deflection rates reached 32%, and later hit 35% following further refinements.

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Clients like Hackney Council rely on effective, reliable ID&V processes. But they also appreciate how big a difference it can make to customers and agents if these processes are improved. Automating ID&V using Mission Labs’ knowledge and resources had huge benefits for Hackney Council’s efficiency and CX. Similarly forward thinking clients will see the same rewards for embracing automated ID&V.

Powering ID&V with AWS.

Amazon Web Services offers an array of products that can improve customer contact journeys, which Mission Labs has consistently and successfully utilised for bespoke client solutions.

AWS technology is making ID&V increasingly simple for businesses to adjust and integrate as part of their cloud communications set up. Mission Labs take great pride in having the unique expertise needed to make ID&V better for your business with AWS native products.

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Amazon Connect Voice ID has revolutionised the way agents and contact centres work thanks to its automated voice recognition technology. We welcomed the updated Voice ID at the end of last year, which creates a digital ‘voiceprint’ when a customer calls in. If that customer makes contact again, it will take just 10 seconds for Voice ID to authenticate them. Cutting voice recognition down to 10 seconds will have a huge impact on CX and agent experiences for contact centres that embrace this smart automation.

Though still in preview stage, Mission Labs will be building Voice ID into our client solutions and making the most of the potential this powerful technology offers.

Automated ID&V through Natural Language Processing (NLP) is made possible by Amazon Lex. Lex uses advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU), enabling users to build applications with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions. Mission Labs has implemented and scaled Lex for a number of clients, helping them drive efficiency and lower costs. Giving ID&V responsibilities to a bot built using Lex is a dependable way of freeing-up agent time and ensuring customer ID&V is carried out accurately and efficiently.

Other AWS applications designed to assist with automation can be used to improve ID&V and therefore CX and centre efficiencies. Amazon Translate for instance, which allows English-speaking agents to communicate with customers of other languages in real-time, was part of a solution provided to an e-commerce fashion retailer leader. Integrating Translate into automated ID&V solutions can enable contact centres to create a smoother, better customer experience wherever they are making contact from.

With five years of experience and partner status credentials, we at Mission Labs can confidently promise to provide an impactful solution to ID&V for your business. Working with AWS technology, we can build effective automated ID&V into your contact flow, resulting in an improved CX all round.

Helping Agents to Help Your Customers.

With ID&V automated and improved using AWS, Mission Labs can enhance your contact journeys further with SmartAgent, which streamlines all your agent’s requirements into one desktop application, giving them instant access to what's needed to optimise their work and improve life for their customers.

As customers make their way through the ID&V process, agents using SmartAgent can see the ID&V status, along with key customer details and information appearing on their desktop. If customer interactions with ID&V bots are throwing up issues, then agents can immediately intervene and support the customer.

Mission Labs has years of experience in helping our clients improve their ID&V processes - by automating stages of the contact journeys and implementing our SmartAgent application, we help our clients to make life easier for their agents and customers. Changing how your contact centre does ID&V can have big implications for your CX. Find out what Mission Labs can do to transform your contact centre.

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