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Celebrating One Year at Mission Labs

Celebrating One Year with Mission Labs

Ken Barlow

Mission Labs: Okay so firstly Ken, in your own words tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for the business.

Ken Barlow: I was The first BA to come on board at Mission Labs. I spend a lot of time engaging with our key clients, gathering their requirements but more critically helping them solve their problems. I have also picked up many of our internal security processes with an aim of aquiring even stronger certifications that will enhance our product offerings.

ML: Does it feel like a year has passed? slow start to your Career here?

KB: NO! Time as Mission Labs flies like you wouldn't believe! The people are second to none in all areas of their expertise and drive! The work is very challenging in a great way, keeping life at Mission Labs Interesting and rewarding.

ML: What’s it been like to be a part of Mission Labs?

KB: Fulfilling is the best word I can think of! The business moves at an incredible pace and the work is constantly coming. That said, the work is interesting and there is a clear understanding as to the goals we are working towards as a business. The people are amazing and everyone supports each other! If you ask for help here, you get it. No-one ever says they are too busy to support another person, despite everyone having busy schedules.

Ken Barlow Kickboxing

ML: Describe your time at Mission Labs in 5 words

KB: Busy! Interesting! Fun! Educational! Fulfilling!

ML: Biggest challenge in the year?

KB: Being successful in achieving PCI-DSS certification; no-one wants to fail an audit!

ML: Greatest achievement?

KB: Work wise I was trusted to lead several key governance work streams. Personally, qualifying as an assistant kick-boxing instructor.

ML: What was it like during the transition from office life to working from home during COVID-19?

KB: The fact that the business trusts each and every one of us to work with dedication and professionalism during uncertain times was great! The transition was flawless and there is still a huge sense of team collaboration with video calls and virtual social activities. Our business leaders look after us all very well and send the occasional care package round to enjoy whilst on a company wide briefing.

ML: What are you hoping to achieve in the next year or do differently?

KB: Expand the governance and compliance portfolio, working very closely with all our suppliers & clients. Looking forward to another year working with a great business and great people.

The Real Ken Barlow

ML: What’s the biggest difference you feel you've made?

KB: What, more than bringing the name Ken Barlow? I think the biggest difference I’ve made is working with the teams in requirements gathering and understanding our clients needs, making the delivery of our services successful but also working very closely with the business in the security, governance and compliance areas, for some reason it's often found to be a dull subject, I really enjoy it and it's my mission to bring some excitement to compliance for Mission Labs.

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