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Mission Labs Joins Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 Framework

Mission Labs Joins Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 Framework.

For public sector organisations, communication is key.

Mission Labs are proud to have worked closely with a number of valuable public sector partners; through our products and services, we’ve helped to improve the digital customer experience for the likes of Hackney Council, as well as one of the largest UK government departments.

With millions of people working remotely, reliable technology that connects people is essential. Secure and simplified ways of handling information, requests and issues can make a big difference to stakeholders and staff, as well as the communities we live in. An increasingly online world with a need to stay connected has put even more urgency on the public sector to source high quality, effective solutions and technology.

Digital Outcome Specialist 5 Status CCS

Mission Labs have met these demands throughout 2020 and into 2021, as we consistently endeavour to improve the agent experience and empower customers to get the help they need. The success of our public sector partnerships only reinforces the fact that we can be trusted to help you adapt.

Our Place in The G-Cloud Framework.

Back in September 2020, Mission Labs gained approval to supply our services to the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) G-Cloud 12 framework. This meant we were able to provide public sector entities with our full suite of services, should they require them.

This framework was designed to help public sector and government agencies, by making efficient cloud-based services more easily available. Mission Labs could now power the development of the communications systems many public sector clients need, empowering them to continue to serve the public and the country.

Having previously been G-Cloud 11 listed, being accepted onto the G-Cloud 12 framework was a huge achievement for us. It demonstrated the efficacy of our solutions and our ability to improve business communications at scale.

Now, we are proud to announce that Mission Labs has successfully joined the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 Framework. This means that more organisations in the public sector will be exposed to the opportunities provided by Mission Labs to improve communications and enhance digital customer experiences.

What This Means for Our Partners.

Mission Labs delivers digital customer experience transformation through an expansive suite of modern, cloud-based communication technologies that help clients achieve end-to-end CX integration, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved cost efficiency.

By working with more public sector organisations we will further be able to transform the way they work, making life easier for every member of staff and the public that relies on them. From payment handling to call automation, there are a number of solutions available from Mission Labs to organisations interested in transforming how they do things.

Mission Labs Products

What The Digital Outcomes & Specialist 5 Framework Ensures.

Our extensive experience of public sector support means we are well placed to scale our work. We look forward to collaborating with even more organisations in the public sector nationally and playing more of a consultative role to the government as a result of this news.

The Crown Commercial Services highlight a number of benefits that the DOS5 Framework gives public sector agencies:

  • It offers bespoke services through suppliers with the right capabilities to meet agency needs
  • There is no restriction on the value of an individual call-off contract (the framework has an overall OJEU value of £2 billion)

A further competition process allows agencies to get the best supplier to provide the best outcome

  • The framework terms and conditions follows the Public Sector Contract format, and agencies have scope to tailor their call-off contract (depending on the complexity of their needs)
  • Agencies own the intellectual property rights and source code for the bespoke development, enabling them to share and re-use these with other public sector buyers
  • Suppliers are mostly small and medium sized businesses like ours that use an agile approach when designing digital services

This presents a fantastic opportunity for Mission Labs to help our partners in the public sector improve communications between the government and the public, which will ultimately improve the experience of end-users and stakeholders. All those working hard in the public sector to offer support to people, day in day out, will benefit from the upgrades that Mission Labs can offer.

Bringing the Future Forward Faster.

Mission Labs will guide organisations on a journey from out-of-date legacy processes, to ensure a smooth landing into a modern way of communicating. This has given us a fantastic chance to continue our mission to power the future of digital customer experiences in the public sector, with the potential for many agencies, staff and citizens to feel the benefits of our service.

If you are an agency interested in working with us, you can find us on the government’s Digital Marketplace website. To find out more about how we've helped public sector organisations in the past, you can read one of our client case studies.

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