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Brand new Amazon Connect releases announced at AWS re:Invent 2020

#The New Amazon Connect Releases announced at AWS re:invent 2020.

##Contact Lens now works in real-time.

We’ve been waiting for this one! Contact Lens was released earlier this year for post-contact analysis (sentiment, trends, keywords) and we’ve already done a lot of work with it with our clients, and in our SmartAgent app, too. The release of real time Contact Lens now adds real-time insights into your customer experience during live calls.

Customer experience analytics and alerts for live calls are also now delivered in the real-time metrics dashboards. This makes it easy for supervisors to identify when to listen-in on a critical call, or have the agent transfer the call to them for assistance. Supervisors using SmartAgent can also provide proactive guidance to the agent via internal chat.

Contact centre managers can define rules using keywords or terms such as “not happy,” “poor quality product,” and “cancel my subscription.” Contact Lens uses natural language processing (NLP) to perform intelligent matching to automatically detect variations of the spoken words, and analyses in-progress calls in real time to detect when the rule criteria for a customer experience issue is met, and immediately creates an alert next to the live call in the Amazon Connect dashboard to notify supervisors of the situation.

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###AWS adds Wisdom to Amazon Connect.

Wisdom provides built-in agent assistance capabilities in Amazon Connect, including machine learning (ML) powered search and real-time recommendations, to provide agents with relevant information for resolving customer issues.

Integrate Wisdom with your knowledge base and agents can type in questions or phrases in the Wisdom search box, and it surfaces the results. Mission Labs have previously built out this functionality using Amazon Kendra, so we’re very interested to learn how Wisdom performs by comparison. It’s available in Preview currently, and we’ll be testing this with SmartAgent in the coming days.

###They Have Added Native Voice Biometrics!

This one is really exciting. Previously available only via integration with a third-party Amazon Connect Voice ID now offers real-time caller authentication just by using a person’s voice. When a caller consents to Voice ID, it automatically listens to the call until it has captured 30 seconds of the caller’s voice. Then it creates their voiceprint, which uniquely authenticates that person. The caller does not need to say or repeat any specific phrases to let Voice ID create the voiceprint.

Then when they call back in, Voice ID needs just 10 seconds of their voice to authenticate. This can be captured as part of a typical interaction with the IVR at the start of the call, or when the caller first starts to talk with the agent. We can then visually identify the caller’s authentication status to the agent in SmartAgent. Voice ID is available in preview, and we can’t wait to test it out.

###Enhanced Customer Profiles.

Customer Profiles brings together information from other sources. In a similar way to how Mission Labs already handles data from third-party sources in SmartAgent, agents need not navigate away from Amazon Connect, or switch between different applications to get the customer insights they need. Once enabled, Customer Profiles detects customer records from the applications, matches and deduplicates them.

###Amazon Connect Tasks.

Tasks makes it easy to automate, track, and manage contact centre tasks. It provides a single place for managers to prioritise, assign, and track customer service tasks across the various systems used by agents, so that they remain focused on the highest priority work. Tasks can be sourced from third-party applications such as a CRM, or to update a business-specific system. For example, users can now programmatically create tasks for agents to follow-up on a customer case, or complete an action in a business-specific application, such as processing a claim in an insurance system. You can also automate tasks that don’t require agent interaction, to ensure your agents spend more time focused on what’s important.

Some fantastic new additions to Amazon Connect, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Three of these new capabilities are available immediately: Contact Lens Real Time, Customer Profiles, and Tasks. As an approved Amazon Connect partner Mission Labs is fortunate to have gained early access to these new features and we’re ready to help our clients continue to get the very best out of Amazon Connect and AWS. We’ll also be testing out Wisdom and VoiceID over the coming weeks, and we’ll share our findings with you on those soon.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about Amazon Connect or any of the new functionality described above, please do get in touch!

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