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Bringing Meaningful Automation to Your Business with Mission Labs.

Bringing Meaningful Automation to Your Business with Mission Labs.

Automation is shaping every part of the world we live in. It’s been reported that AI will add up to $15.7tr to the global economy by 2030 - it’s inevitable that AI and automation will influence every industry, not least business communications.

Forward-thinking businesses know this, and are embracing automated technology to give themselves and their customers the best experiences possible. But automation is powerful only when applied properly - whilst there are parts of the customer journey that benefit from automation, the value of human interaction and traditional agent processes will never go away. Balancing automated communication and maintaining the personal stages is the key to having an innovative and engaging customer journey in place.

This all comes down to which aspect of the contact centre system you choose to automate. If the right parts of the customer journey are handled by machines, you will free up your agents so they can carry out more important, meaningful tasks that support your customers and improve their experience.

Mission Labs has implemented enough contact automation solutions to know what will drive efficiency for your business and make the biggest difference to your CX.

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Meaningful automation in your business communications.

Meaningful automation can have a massive impact on efficiency, cost reduction and CSAT through a number of ways.

-- Detecting customer intent and diverting their request so it can be dealt with more accurately. -- Intelligently and securely carrying out Identity and Verification checks. -- Providing real-time responses so customers are engaged and promptly supported. -- Reducing queuing time to make a faster, smoother digital customer experience. -- Making safe payments over the phone or computer. -- Providing customers with constant availability thanks to 24/7 omnichannel bots. -- Offering responses in the language of the customer, wherever they are contacting from. -- Gathering feedback on experience and agent performance.

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Simple Systems with Significant Impact.

Systems that have AI embedded into them will better understand how your customers are engaging with your business and brand. Responses to customer demands can be more tailored and provided faster.

The potential this technology has is vast. Our work with Pretty Little Thing, the leading eCommerce retailer, is a great example of how it can benefit contact centres.

Pretty Little Thing needed a way of managing a huge number of requests from customers, which were often regarding orders, returns or refunds. Their existing customer service system of email capture forms, non-intuitive chat feature and complex CRM were limited and making life harder for agents.


Mission Labs provided a streamlined digital solution, designed to tackle all the issues this existing process was creating. We came up with Madison, a smart chatbot that could respond to common customer questions and retrieve customer information in real-time, without the need for agents.

70% of customer contact related to orders, returns or refunds is now handled by Madison. 38% of contact is deflected without any human involvement and 32% is partially dealt with before agents take care of a customer’s needs more directly.

Madison helped to cut down agent workloads and simplify customer journeys by addressing the basic stages that agents spent too much time on. The automated technology that Pretty Little Thing embraced helped their business and brand immensely - by automating the right parts of their contact centre, they improved customer experiences and satisfaction, and ultimately boosted their brand reputation.

Five Years of Bringing the Future Forward.

Since 2016, Mission Labs has been introducing innovative ways of improving our clients’ contact centre setups. We’ve built a wealth of experience when it comes to automating parts of the customer journey and making this improve CX and efficiency.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that for automation to be successful, it has to be meaningful.

We can identify the areas of your customer journey and agent experience that will benefit from automation technology, be it verifying customers or diverting their requests. Our automated solutions will look after high volumes of contact and simple support questions using integrated robotics, giving your agents the freedom to focus on more valuable work, like complex issues, account management, client retention and CSAT improvement. Automating call handling in this meaningful way will make for happier agents and ultimately, happier customers.

As the world turns to automation more and more, we know the businesses that embrace it earliest will feel its benefits. Mission Labs can help bring your business’ future forward faster with our diverse range of automated solutions that will best serve your contact centre.

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