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CircleLoop Chosen By Thousands Of New Users

CircleLoop Welcomes Thousands More Users After Year of Helping Businesses Adapt to Lockdown.

CircleLoop is part of Mission Labs’ extensive suite of business communication products and services. The cloud-based phone system has been providing smart-thinking business with a simple, powerful and lower-cost alternative to legacy telephony since its launch in 2016.

The past year has been difficult for many businesses, so we're delighted to have had the opportunity to work with businesses looking to empower their workforce and improve customer satisfaction. CircleLoop's customer base has grown by 43% in the last year, driven in part by our commitment to help charitable, educational and healthcare providers with an extended free of charge period to assist their response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Continued product development has also seen a number of new features launched and the product now boasts over 25 native integrations with popular complementary software and tools.

The Case for Cloud Communications.

The Pandemic and lockdown has transformed the way that businesses across the globe communicate and operate. The need to work remotely, whilst maintaining service standards and keeping costs under control meant that thousands more businesses turned to Mission Labs for help in 2020. With our SaaS-based approach, and instant cloud-based provisioning we were able to quickly support clients from across multiple industries, helping them adapt their communications and customer service for a 100% remote workforce.

CircleLoop also became an invaluable solution for many people who were in particular need during lockdown. From the start of the Pandemic, we offered CircleLoop to schools, charities and healthcare providers across the UK for free. In August 2020, CircleLoop expanded into Ireland and again, was offered to schools, charities and healthcare providers free of charge for an extended period.

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“We’re immensely proud of the growth that CircleLoop has experienced in a year as challenging as 2020. But we’re especially proud of the fact it was through helping so many businesses and people impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic.”

Dylan Walsh - Head of Operations.

Make the Most of CirceLoop.

As the lockdown continues, we expect that more businesses will benefit from CircleLoop and the flexibility it can add to your business communications stack. Find out how how CircleLoop can improve internal collaboration and provide complete mobility for your team.

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