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How Mission Labs Can Improve Your Digital Customer and Colleague Experience.

How Mission Labs Can Improve Your Digital Customer and Colleague Experience.

Providing a world class digital customer experience has become an important component in determining the success of a business in today’s world. Adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for positive customer journeys a necessity and something that will likely stay.

Since 2016, Mission Labs have been championing the digital customer experience and empowering our partners to do the same. We help our clients to build meaningful customer experiences that not only strengthens their offering during the pandemic, but inspires their longevity in a transformed market.

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The experience of staff is also important when considering this change. Companies often partner with Mission Labs to ensure they can offer their employees a remote, digital alternative to office working. Our record of delivering the requests of clients, who need to support customers and colleagues in this new online world, has made Mission Labs a valuable provider of future-proof business solutions.

What are Digital Customer Experiences?

Customer experience has always been at the heart of effective business. In the modern age - and especially in this new socially distanced world - customer journeys are increasingly taking place online or over the phone. It is vital that businesses provide the best digital customer experience possible so they can satisfy stakeholders and succeed in future markets.

Every touchpoint with your brand is a reflection on your values. From the way you take payments to the way you communicate, you are creating experiences that should encourage customers to continue using your services.

Our aim at Mission Labs is to help clients achieve this. We bring the future forward faster by updating and improving the way our clients do things, using new technologies from cloud communications to automation to provide a reliable, exciting alternative to legacy systems.

An improved digital customer experience results in an improved business; Mission Labs are here to help you integrate it into your company.

Giving Your Customers More Options.

Improving digital customer experiences can be complicated. From the proper execution of branding to the provision of intuitive logistics there are many factors which affect the way customers interact with businesses; in some cases there are variables that cannot be controlled.

With that said, there are some things which can be controlled. If done correctly, these changes are capable of providing immediately recognisable improvements when it comes to digital customer experiences.


Omnichannel Platform with SmartAgent

Customers expect convenience and ease when dealing with businesses; it's not enough to provide a single point of contact entry anymore.

SmartAgent - Mission Labs' powerful agent desktop solution - brings together multiple channels of communication into a single interface. This empowers customers to use whichever platform is most convenient for them whether it is voice, SMS or instant messenger. SmartAgent even caters for social channels of communication.

"Make no mistake; omnichannel marketing and sales is now considered to be crucial in driving sustained sales and building consumer loyalty, and this is borne out by several statistics. For example companies with robust omnichannel engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers on average, compared with a retention rate of just 33% for those with weaker or non-existent strategies."

Picking the Right Chatbots.

Chatbots can help by freeing up agents' time as well as by providing customers with quick answers to common queries. If a question cannot be answered by a chatbot then customers can be directed to an agent in order to find a resolution.

Chatbots are becoming more and more commonplace. There are a wide variety of chatbots and it is not a one size fits all solution.

Picking the right chatbot for your business can drastically improve the digital customer experience as well as optimise efficiencies within contact centres.

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Cloud Telephony Services with CirceLoop.

When making phone calls it is the little details which can make a big difference to the customer experience. Localised number provisioning, personalised call greetings and appropiate hold music and just a handful of digital touchpoints that can help to instil a sense of trust and care for users.

CircleLoop is our cloud-based business phone system that works anywhere in powerful desktop and mobile apps. Delivered in a modern day self-service SaaS model with powerful features and multiple integrations CircleLoop replaces traditional phone systems, transforming user mobility and helping businesses to get more done.

Helping Our Clients and Their Customers! Through COVID.

We worked on a huge number of projects in 2020, with the improvement of digital customer experiences often being the central focus of our efforts. We worked with clients such as Sainsbury’s, whose agents needed to identify vulnerable customers during lockdown so they could be prioritised for deliveries.

Sainsbury’s went from handling 5,000 calls per day to 3,000 per hour; the automated journey and digital customer experience we designed meant Sainsbury’s could help their vulnerable customers during COVID.

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Hackney Council required Mission Labs’ services to handle an enormous number of calls during lockdown. By transitioning to a cloud based system, they could reduce queuing times for citizens calling in, direct queries to agents more efficiently and account for the needs of vulnerable people. Mission Labs’ extensive history of building cloud-based contact centres and the support our SmartAgent product provides, meant we could answer our client’s concerns head on.

Working From Home for the Future.

As we get further into 2021, it’s clear that working from home policies are here to stay for a while. It can be hard to imagine a world where we all return to the office for good and whether this total return may even be needed.

Businesses that accept this transformation and adapt to it fastest will boost their success trajectory.

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Mission Labs have plenty of tools and knowledge to direct forward-thinking clients towards their goals. Our CircleLoop product can enable internal business communications to be faster and simpler in a remote setting. SmartAgent gives our clients’ phone handling teams an opportunity to communicate better not only with customers, but also their colleagues, despite them being miles apart; improving the digital customer experience really is core to our offering.

We know our technology makes working from home a whole lot easier for our clients. You too can join the list of businesses benefiting from Mission Labs’ innovative, effective solutions and services. Making that first contact could make all the difference to the way you work and the future of your business.

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