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Customer Advisory Bot for Essential Citizen Advice and Services.

The client works with and empowers local authorities throughout the UK to provide accessible benefits and funding advice to citizens, through a combination of people and technology.

What the client needed?

Local Authorities in the UK have found themselves under increasing pressure during the Coronavirus pandemic, in particular due to the large increases of citizen queries and benefit claim requests. Coupled with the challenges of a completely remote workforce and increased staff absenteeism through illness, the demands of providing a consistent and high quality service had local authority contact centre teams under enormous strain.

The client wanted to develop a repeatable and easy to deploy chatbot plugin that could integrate instantly with Local Authorities’ existing IVRs and websites, and provide quick answers to common questions, whilst signposting users to the right sources of content.

How we helped.

Built using Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Mission Labs proprietary platform technology, we helped the client to design, build and deploy its digitally-enabled advisory bot.

By integrating the solution with the clients’ back-office and knowledge management software we were able to design and configure consistent user journeys that give citizens quick and easy access to vital information about benefits, council tax and business rates. In many cases, the advisory bot can also interrogate those back office systems to provide real-time answers and guidance to customer-specific questions such as “what is my council tax balance”, or “renew my housing benefit”.

AWS Advanced Partner

The solution allows the client’s Local Authority customers to quickly provide citizens with responsive service, when they need it 24/7, whilst enabling contact handlers to prioritise the most vulnerable callers, and responding to issues such as emergency homelessness or safeguarding.

The advisory bot has been provided as a repeatable plugin that the client can deploy to new customers within days. For more information on chatbots and how they may provide value you can read this opinion piece.

Why they chose Mission Labs.


The design, development and deployment of a reliable and repeatable AI solution is a complex task. The client needed a partner with the ability, experience and knowledge to get it right.


The client prides itself on continued innovation for its public sector customers. Mission Labs is always focused on the future, making us a good fit for them culturally.


In the incredibly fast-moving retail & ecommerce space, today’s ideas are tomorrow’s norm. The client needed a partner that could build, launch and iterate quickly.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies need effectively tuning and training to each use case. Mission Labs offers the experience and track record needed for success.

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