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Free your agents to deal with
people who need them the most

As consumers become ever more demanding, and with volumes of contact and channels ever increasing, we
help businesses optimise the way they handle their high volume, low value contact.

Market-leading AI natural language processing and text to speech technology means your customers get the answers
they need on demand, freeing-up your contact handlers to deal with the people who need them the most.

Experts in conversational
user experience.

We have designed and deployed conversational contact automation for some of the nation’s biggest and best brands

25% reduction in contact volume

40% chat deflection

76% bot involvement

Smart contact automation drives up efficiency
for better results.

Intent detection
Identity & Verification
Predictive modelling
Channel shift
Automated payments
Sales & upselling

Drive the conversation to where
it needs to be.

Contact automation delivers customer centricity and personalisation like never before. Leave your high volume contact tasks and simple support questions to our integrated robotics, and free-up your contact handlers to focus on more valuable work - like complex issues, account management, client retention and CSAT improvement.

Increase CSAT and reduce operating costs

Just a few ways automation increases customer satisfaction and reduces operating cost

24/7 omnichannel bots
Reduce queuing
Provide real-time answers
Speak in their language
Gather feedback
Seamless hand-off

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