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Remove your PCI DSS headache

PCI DSS is one of the most complex industry standards. And, like most data security standards and regulations, it is constantly evolving. As a result, it can be costly and complex for contact centre operators to stay on top of the newest updates and best practices for compliance. Gamma Labs' SmartPCI® provides a secure, compliant payment service that keeps you on the right side of the rules.

Compliance & Efficiency. You can have them both.

Two words you'll rarely find in the same sentence - compliance and efficiency. But with Gamma Labs' SmartPCI® you can achieve the best of both worlds, with flexible payment routing options that remove your physical contact centre environments from PCI DSS scope.

Automated IVR payments.

Enable your customers to make phone payments 24/7 without speaking with an agent or visiting your website. Payments are handled automatically within a secure robotic contact flow journey and integrated with your existing Payment Services Provider.

Agent-initiated payments.

From our streamlined SmartAgent interface, agents can initiate secure customer payments. The technology automatically masks the DTMF tones as they are entered by the customer, so your agent doesn't hear or see the card data, all they see are asterisks on their screen.

Automated Digital payments.

Enable your customers to make payments 24/7 via any digital channel such as Webchat. Leverage conversational robotics to make the digital customer experience natural and pleasurable, driving improved collection performance, with greater efficiency.

Integration Partners

Most Payment Service Providers (PSP) are supported, a small selection are shown below:

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