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Capture & evaluate every single interaction.

Quality Management module surfaces the detail of every interaction on-demand - contact data, recordings and transcriptions, conversation analytics and customer sentiment - enabling QAs and Supervisors to quickly score interactions against internal processes.

Customisable & Extendable.

Cover every channel with a consistent QM approach - whether it’s voice, chat, social, email your QAs can expose all the contact data they need on demand in a secure, encrypted dashboard. With configurable and customisable forms, scoring and calibration your agents receive instant feedback on their performance, making coaching and training straightforward.

Monitor and Manage Compliance Requirements.

Whether it’s PCI compliance, regulatory requirements, or just compliance with your own internal processes, QAs can quickly evaluate exactly what was said, with all the associated context and information immediately at hand.

Hear the Voice of the Customer.

Integrate post contact surveys and feedback with your Quality Management approach, whilst overlaying conversation analytics, keyword and key phrase identification and sentiment analysis, allowing the voice of your customer to drive quality and experience improvement.

Improve Agent Engagement.

Monitor live interactions, and assess historical contacts on demand. Provide immediate feedback to your agents and collaborate to easily define improvements and efficiency gains.

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