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How Cloud Comms Could Play a Role in Returning to the Office Safely.

How Cloud Comms Could Play a Role in Returning to the Office Safely.

Social distancing and lockdowns may gradually begin to reduce as 2021 progresses, but office working is unlikely to go back to normal for some time - if ever at all.

Mission Labs has spent months helping businesses prepare for a world in which remote working is not just a necessity, but a preference. We have been supporting clients who want to improve the digital customer and colleague experience they offer, and have demonstrated why this is so important even when working remotely.

Most businesses have recognised the challenge of staff wellbeing during the pandemic, and prioritised it. To facilitate a safe way of sharing office space and maintaining effective communication, many leaders will opt for phased approaches to occupancy and social distancing, whilst bringing in some measures for monitoring staff behaviour to ensure safe working is maintained.

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As well as providing the basics, like hand sanitisers and disposable masks, being mindful of how many staff will use your office spaces and offering them a viable option to work from home will be just as essential for keeping your people safe.

For as long as we continue to use offices, these protocols are important to adhere to.

Yet whilst the office provides many social and practical advantages (in a safe environment) there is evidence to suggest that empowering staff to work effectively from home could result in as much as a 47% increase in productivity.

Working from home can only be effective however when people are given the right tools and the right digital infrastructure. Integrating the capabilities of a robust cloud comms solution into your business provides an effective way to provide staff with safe working options, whilst delivering cost efficiencies.

Relaunching your office with Mission Labs.

Mission Labs provides products and services designed to elevate your business through intelligent cloud technology.

CircleLoop is our cloud-based alternative to traditional telephony systems. A stack of convenient and innovative features provide call recording, transcription, call routing to any location, performance metrics and much more, all delivered in an easy-to-use desktop application.

Calls can be sent into any remote device, whether computer or mobile; giving staff easy, instant access to communications and collaboration with their co-workers and customers via CircleLoop's apps.

Empowering collaboration between teams and colleagues has never been more important. Implementing CircleLoop will not just enable communication for staff spread across a number of locations, but it provides a long term solution to call handling that will improve processes long after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ready for 2021 and beyond.

Over the past year, Mission Labs has helped many organisations improve and innovate their communications technology in order to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic. We’ve seen thousands of clients implement our technology not just to continue their work, but improve it.

Moving towards a cloud-based system for communication can help colleagues, customers and partners become more connected than ever. The solutions we provide are not just for surviving the present; they allow businesses to embrace the future of working.

Office working (and the gradual return to it) provides an opportunity to modernise your operations. By integrating one of our solutions, designed to make colleague interaction, customer call handling, remote work and desktop management easier than ever, clients can make the changes to their business that are becoming a necessary part of the world we live in.

You can take advantage of our offering and join a growing population of forward-thinking clients. Our site provides plenty of information on all the ways Mission Labs can give you a means of returning staff to the office safely, as well as a long-lasting alternative to business communications.

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