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Event based branded VOIP platform, AllTalk.

Managed solution for remote and event based workers to make and receive calls globally.

What the client needed. needed?

Cellhire identified an opportunity to extend their service offering to include cloud-based telecoms and business phone numbers for remote workers. With many of their existing customers operating internationally there was an opportunity to help those businesses reduce roaming costs, whilst providing the additional features and benefits provided by cloud-based telecoms, including:

  • IVR Menus.
  • Smart Routing.
  • Instant User Provisioning.
  • Instant Number Provisioning.
  • Greetings & Music.
  • Call Analytics.

How we helped.

Our platform and application technology was chosen to power Cellhire’s cloud-based communication requirements. With a rich feature set, international coverage, and thousands of existing users Cellhire knew they could trust us with their reputation.

In addition to Cellhire’s original requirements they also wanted a number of additional key features to help them maximise the offering:

  • IM chat platform - allowing effortless and cost effective communication
  • Localisation of apps - provision of accurate linguistics and cultural adaptations for a global audience

Our team also integrated Cellhire’s choice of voice provider into the solution, enabling them to work directly with their existing provider networks, offering preferential international rates to their clients.


Cellhire’s new cloud-based service has been named AllTalk.

AllTalk benefits from an intuitive UI to create a simple and positive user experience at every touchpoint. The service is available on multiple desktop and mobile platforms enabling users to stay connected, wherever they are in the world.

Helping during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our industry leading app-localisation technology enabled Cellhire to successfully launch AllTalk in the French market early in the Pandemic to assist their customers with efficient and reliable home-working technology.

Instant local number provisioning allows clients to maintain a sense of familiarity with their colleagues around the world, while cloud-based calling keeps costs under control, especially when compared to more traditional telephony solutions.

Why they chose Mission Labs.


Cellhire needed to be quick to market. The maturity of our platform and apps allowed us to use existing technology and knowledge to execute quickly.


As a constant innovator themselves, the client needed a partner with a reputation and strong track record for product and solution innovation.


The design, development and deployment of a reliable and repeatable AI solution is a complex task. The client needed a partner with the ability, experience and knowledge to get it right.


We worked seamlessly with Cellhire’s internal teams and third party providers to deliver a modern solution that met their precise requirements.

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