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Virtual MVNO in the UK for Voice and SMS.

API driven communications supporting over 50,000 subscribers.

What the client needed?

With a forward thinking approach, Manx wanted to explore how UK mobile number provisioning could be added to their digital communications portfolio.

They also wanted to see how app-centric telecoms solutions could play a more significant role in bettering the experience of their customers.

How we helped.

We provided an API driven service to allow Manx Telecom to provision, manage and support new numbers for both voice and SMS services.

This Communication Platform as a Service empowered their team to focus on building applications instead of maintaining the underlying IT infrastructure.

It also provided them with:

  • 24/7 technical support.
  • affordable pricing models.
  • multi-tenancy for users.

Why they chose Mission Labs.


Our intelligent and iterative approach helped to ensure a smooth migration without compromising on quality.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies need effectively tuning and training to each use case. Mission Labs offers the experience and track record needed for success.


As the Isle of Mans’ leading telecoms provider it was important that we delivered a high quality service at scale.


The Client needed a partner that shared their vision for modern day customer experience, and could provide the technology, know-how and experience to help them bring it to life.

Cloud tech. Digital platforms. Apps. Competitive advantages. We Create them all.

We’re committed to constantly improving digital customer experience through cutting-edge communications technology.

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