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Why use an agent desktop?

Why use an agent desktop?

Mission Labs have always known that making life easier for agents is the key to unlocking contact centre success. Our SmartAgent product was built with all the benefits of Amazon Connect and other AWS features. It is designed to empower any agent to do their job as effectively as possible. Not only is this good for your customers, but it improves efficiency and prospects for your business.

There are plenty of reasons for contact centres to afford their agents the benefits of a desktop app like SmartAgent. These are just a few of the key ways such a product can have impact for your contact centre business.

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Customer info, all in one place.

Responding to queries as quickly as possible is essential for contact centre success. Customer and agent experience is determined by handling time, which is often determined by information access.

With the potential of a desktop application like SmartAgent, all the data and details an agent needs to know about a customer and their engagement with your business can be surfaced in one place. The single-pane-of-glass format offers agents faster access to everything they need to move customers along their contact journey.

Thanks to its simple integration with existing systems, SmartAgent can consolidate all the data sources agents previously spent additional time on. Not only does this make agents’ lives easier, but it drives efficiency, and gives your customers the quicker response they deserve.

Unify every channel.

Every successful contact centre today has cottoned on to the value of omnichannel communication. Customers may prefer calls, emails, social or a variety of channels to engage with a business. And businesses must provide the right omnichannel offering to meet their customer needs.

Having multiple communication channels makes it even more important for agents to access and use them properly. The SmartAgent application can be integrated with any existing, in-house apps or software your contact centre already uses, ensuring all your channels are accounted for in your agents' set up. With the option of building in voice, chat, social or email, SmartAgent is the complete omnichannel solution for your contact centre.

Controlling the contact flow.

Managing and monitoring the contact flow is vital for agents and businesses wanting to deliver a good customer experience. SmartAgent allows agents to access customer journeys in contact flows in a clear and visible format.

Your contact centre may have a ticketing system, for instance. With a desktop application, these tickets can be prioritised and processed immediately. Agents can therefore visualise queues and manage their workloads better.

Forward thinking businesses may well have implemented automation into their contact flows. With SmartAgent, an agent can observe customer interaction with automated parts of the contact journey. This can give them the opportunity to step in and support customers if necessary. Giving agents this sort of visual access to contact flows and customer behaviour gives them more of a chance to be responsive and supportive of your customers.

Gain the insights that matter.

For agents to do their jobs as best they can, they need to understand their performance. With SmartAgent, users can gain valuable insights and data on the contact they handle. By surfacing key metrics - from error counts to queue lengths - agents and quality assurers can assess how contact is being handled and measure performances.

These insights can inspire and assist your agents, enabling them to succeed in their roles and enjoy them even more. Such powerful insight features in SmartAgent can have a massive positive impact on your contact centre, for individual agents, their teams and your business as a whole.

Better design, better usage.

For years, agents have had to cope with the challenges of on-premise data and information in order to handle customer queries. As the contact centre has moved away from legacy systems, some agents are still having to deal with clunky software and poorly designed programmes to do the same job.

SmartAgent is an easy-to-use and responsive application, with as many aesthetic benefits as accessibility ones. Applications like this are the ultimate solution for agents. Optimally designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate, SmartAgent simplifies AX to ensure agents can work without issue or complexity.


The agent desktop your contact centre needs.

In the world of remote working and increasing customer demand, an agent desktop has never made so much sense. Through harnessing the technology of Amazon Connect and other necessary AWS features, SmartAgent can be the key that unlocks your agents’ performance and your team’s efficiency.

Mission Labs have been transforming client outcomes for years using the power of our SmartAgent product. Many partners have used SmartAgent for their own business success; head to the SmartAgent site to book a demo and find out more.

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