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Next Generation Contact Centre Quality Assurance with SmartAgent QA.

Next Generation Contact Centre Quality Assurance with SmartAgent QA.

Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential process for any business that relies on agents to manage customer contact effectively, efficiently and appropriately. With many agents working remotely, having an intuitive cloud-based solution in place to ensure that quality standards are maintained is a must.

Mission Labs has a proven track record in providing businesses with meaningful quality management technology. Our SmartAgent desktop for Amazon Connect, is designed to make life easier for both contact centre agents and their customers, providing a single pane of glass for all contact channels, customer information and contact team management. SmartAgent’s on-board Quality Assurance module helps clients make the most of their Amazon Connect contact centre, providing the data that assessors need in real time, to complete assessments quickly and accurately.

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How SmartAgent QA works.

SmartAgent QA brings together a variety of complementary AWS services in a modern and convenient interface, enabling contact centre operators to integrate QA natively with their Amazon Connect contact centre technology stack.

Amazon Connect’s Contact Lens provides a machine powered means of analysing contact centre performance which is both intuitive and easy to use. Contact Lens provides the ability to:

  1. transcribe calls
  2. locate calls, or text-based contacts based on keywords
  3. track keywords and key phrases in conversations
  4. deliver real time alerts for escalation or assistance
  5. provide sentiment analysis

Coupled with Amazon Connect’s detailed contact reporting, on board call recording and Contact Lens SmartAgent QA delivers meaningful data for contact centre operators, enabling the monitoring of agent performance, CSAT and customer sentiment, and the identification of issues or problems that might require further analysis or identify training needs.

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SmartAgent QA provides self-service scoring templates, which assessors use in a unified interface to perform analysis, collaborate outcomes with agents and highlight areas for continuous improvement. The incorporated calibration model further allows assessors to compare their own assessments against others, ensuring that internal QA processes are being executed fairly and consistently.

Harnessing the Power of Amazon Connect.

Mission Labs is an approved Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, and an Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner. Connect provides an extremely powerful and scalable platform for contact management, and when paired with SmartAgent enables contact and quality assurance MI to be stored and managed in the customer’s own AWS environments. This data can also be exported to third party BI tools, making data handling a powerful and user friendly process.

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Key SmartAgent QA Capabilities.

SmartAgent QA has been developed with our deep experience of the modern contact centre environment, and in collaboration with a number of Enterprise clients. Through our research we identified that some of our clients were already consuming third party QA services, whilst only leveraging 20% of their capabilities.

We developed SmartAgent QA to focus on the features that assessors really need day to day, with a clear focus on the user’s experience. SmartAgent offers an intuitive UI that makes comparing performances and analysing information easy and meaningful. Mission Labs’ expertise in improving efficiencies means that every feature has a purpose, allowing for intelligent user experience.

Contact search.

SmartAgent QA allows Assessors to easily search and surface all contact data and intelligence for a specific contact, or a group of contacts.

QA queuing.

Both from the historical contact search and the QA screen, assessors and supervisors can queue-up contact that they wish to QA.

Call recording & transcription.

SmartAgent QA surfaces everything the assessor needs to complete their work in a single screen, including call recordings and transcriptions on demand.

Configurable scoring templates.

Self-service scoring templates enable clients to define and design their internal QA processes, and execute consistently through configurable QA forms.

Flexible input format questions.

Whether the scoring templates need drop downs, multiple choice, text fields, checkboxes or radio buttons all input formats are available for configuration in the scoring templates.

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Scoring profiles.

Fully customisable scoring profiles and weighting are available, enabling automated QA results, vastly increasing the speed and accuracy of assessment.

Agent collaboration.

Agents can view and annotate their own QA outcomes, scores and assessor comments, allowing improved collaboration, coaching and improved agent performance.

Assessor calibration.

On board calibration allows multiple assessors to score individual contacts, identifying differences in approach and results, which helps to ensure a fair and consistent QA process.

How SmartAgent Can Improve Collaboration.

As one of our core values, Mission Labs understands the role that collaboration plays in company performance. SmartAgent enables collaboration between Amazon Connect users; agents can easily connect with one another using internal messaging, whilst supervisors and QAs can easily connect with agents or groups of agents through broadcast messaging and collaborative performance management and QA features.


Everything is housed in the single desktop interface, giving agents, supervisors and assessors surface-level access to all the tools they need.

SmartAgent QA not only helps to positively impact agent performance and customer satisfaction, but also fundamentally improves QA processes helping contact centre operators to define and implement best practice and assessment standards across the organisation.

We’re always keen to speak to forward-thinking contact centre operators that want to transform their customer experience technology and outcomes. If you’re ready to take your next steps on the journey, we are ready to talk.

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